Commercial Tint Installation

When you decide to tint your commercial property, you are making a wise business decision. A decision that you can't go wrong with when choosing Just Tints. Not only will you improve the appearance of your building and/or company, but you'll be saving money otherwise lost in powering HVAC units. Results vary on surface area, but it is not unusual to see temperatures reduce 10 degrees after tinting a building. Interior heat gain can be reduced by 79%, which shows immediate savings in energy bills.

Sun Glare in the Workplace

Tinting windows has the added benefit of reducing glare for those nearest the window. This unlocks hidden benefits by increasing employee productivity - no one enjoys struggling to read their computer screen in the afternoon (or morning).

Lower Depreciation with tinting

Furniture, drapes, blinds, and carpet are all impacted by the sun's UV rays hitting them. Commercial window film can reduce damaging UV rays by 99.9% and reduce all UV rays by 70%. This will protect furnishing and carpeting from being affected by the sun's harmful rays.

Tinting for the Workplace

Commercial window film prevents glass from flying through the air in the event of the glass breaking, reducing liability and concerns. The film material also makes it more difficult for an intruder to break the window and enter the building successfully. Privacy of the building's inhabitants is also improved thanks to the difficulty of seeing in through commercial window film.

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